Is Strive Clinical Network an IPA?

Yes. We will initially act as the messenger model IPA.

Is Strive Clinical Network an ACO?

Yes. We are a network of physicians who have come together to successfully provide coordinated, high quality care to our patients.

Why Should I Join Strive Clinical Network?

Existing IPAs are, for the most part, purely administrative. Strive offers a dynamic platform to meet the challenges of the market and provides population health services that are not currently available to independent physicians in the East Texas market.

Is Strive A Clinically Integrated Network?

Yes. Strive Clinical Network has the ability to maintain the infrastructure and processes necessary to provide coordinated, high-quality care for East Texas

Is Strive Clinical Network being built to sell to hospitals, an insurance company or any other healthcare company?

No, it is purposefully built to be a sustainable long-term community asset.

How does Strive pay for the population health services and technology?

As part of the contracts offered by the payors to Strive, we will receive payment from the insurance plans for the provision of population health services for physicians and their attributed patients. Strive’s goal is to help physicians meet or exceed agreed upon quality standards and manage the population in a more cost effective way than the market

Why should I join Strive rather than a hospital network?

Strive allows for you to remain independent and still enjoy the services and structure needed to be successful in the new value based world of healthcare.

Since Strive is a nonprofit, what happens when there is a surplus?

In return for providing services to and through the Network, any surplus will be dispersed 70% to the doctors who are members and 30% to the sponsor.

Why does the sponsor member participate in the surplus?

It will be providing all the services and technology necessary to run the network. The only way for it to make money is for the doctors to make money, thus aligning incentives.

Do I still bill for my services directly to the insurance companies?

Yes, you will bill commercial insurance companies directly on a Fee for Service basis, as you do now.

What happens if I save money (create a gain share) and other providers don’t?

First, Strive as a whole has to save money for there to be a gain a share. If there is a gain share, the finance committee made up of physicians will establish a formula that is transparent to all members to decide how to divide the savings.

Who decides what contracts Strive signs?

The physician executive board in conjunction with the sponsor.

Who determines the vendors?

Stratifi Health with advice from the physician Board of Directors.

What if my practice is determined to NOT be ready?

If not ready, Stratifi Health will provide information and services if needed to close gaps in readiness if desired by practice.

Must I have an EMR?

It is not a requirement at this time.

Do I have to purchase another Information System?

No, Strive will provide the population health technology platform as part of its services.

Does it have to integrate with my EMR?

Over time that would be ideal, but is not a condition required for membership.

What about my practice? Does Strive take over my practice?

No, we help your practice actively participate in population health and collaborate with other independent physicians.

Will all of my contracts come through Strive?

No, Strive will not have all insurance contracts in the market. For those contracts that Strive does not offer, a physician can contract with any IPA they wish.

Do I keep my tax id?


If I am a group, do all of the doctors have to join?

Yes, all the PCPs under the groups tax id.

Does Strive have a manager?

Yes, Strive is proud to partner with StratifiHealth to provide network support and strategic management.

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